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Weight gain is associated with many illnesses apart from making you look unfit. It is true that most ailments are linked to the toxins stored in your body system. Once there are too many toxins stored in your body, you may start suffering from fatigue, headaches, weight gain, constipation and other ones we cannot mention here. Therefore, you need to start detoxification with recommended juice recipes to lose weight as well as be free from ailments.

People don’t know the benefits of juice recipes. Because they are very simple to prepare, their benefits are neglected. To lose weight and experience better health conditions you need to start using juice recipes. Any professional knows that the usage of juice is not limited to a particular period because most people will want to know the time juice recipes can be used for losing weight. When to stop using juice recipes depends on so many factors which are:

  • Body weight

  • Adaptability

  • Body structure

One mistake most people make is to go back to those bad eating habits that made them add weight never stop those Healthy juice recipes ! Once you start eating up that garbage, you will still face the problems of weight gain. We recommend that you start preparing and drinking the following recipes.


Even if you don’t like veggies, you need to start thinking of making this recipe because it has been proven to give a result for people who wants to lose weight. You need the following ingredients to make the recipe: Broccoli branches, oranges, cabbage head, celery stick and lettuce head.

To get ultimate satisfaction drinking this juice, you need to blend all the ingredients very well. You need to have a citrus juicer which you will be using for the oranges and the other ingredients. You also need a collection jar where you pour all other ingredients after blending. Mix all of them together and put it in your refrigerator for consumption or you can use ice, which is more appetizing.


This is one of my best juicy drinks. It has so many functions, and it’s beneficial to our body. It can be used for detoxification; it can also be used as energy restoration and also for weight loss purposes. You will need a juicer for blending. The following ingredients are needed:

Kiwi fruit, pineapple, apples and nectarines

Your juicer will be used in mixing them, but before doing that, you need to remove the skin from your pineapples and cut them so that the juicer can blend them effectively. This fruity boom is very sweet and nutritious. Some people also call it the fruity blast. But whatsoever name you may choose, the primary thing is to prepare it very well before consumption.


The ingredients for making this nutritious juice recipe are:

Spinach, green apple, ginger and lemon

Why I always recommend this juice recipe is that it has so many valuable nutrients that contribute to the body’s immune system. They are Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and potassium. The process of preparing it is also very simple. You can just put all of them in a juicer and get them blended properly.

The three juice recipes mentioned here can be much useful to you whenever you want to shed that weight. If you want tasty juice, you can equally add some smoothies like the Berries smoothie, peanut and banana shakes and other ones which we will include in our future write-ups.

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