Healthy Recipes for Easter

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happy healthy easter

It is a known fact that during celebrations, most people forget their eating routine. They tend to eat anything at any time in the name of being in a mood. This article is not developed to stop you from enjoying yourself or to keep you from celebrating with your friends and family. Rather, we are going to teach you how to eat healthy food; drink recommended recipes and celebrate with your buddies. Because of convenience, most of us rely on fast food products and forget how to be healthy. The healthy recipes for Easter, which we are going to recommend is not time-consuming and they are not costly, but they are all very nutritious.

Be creative while going through our recommended food and great recipes that you can prepare during the Easter holidays.

Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are the number one choice when it comes to the components of any food you will be taking during this holidays. Just add up veggies in any combination you have in mind. You should understand that it has no fat and can be made into various dishes which don’t add anything to your waistline. The only precaution you should take while adding vegetables is not to overcook to preserve the vitamins it could offer you.

Healthy Recipe Alternatives for carbohydrates

We know that most of us cannot do without carbohydrates, too much fat, or sugar. Though it is advisable to stop taking too much sugar.  Do not be afraid because we have gotten your back covered with our research.  Some alternatives will also give you the desired taste as well as maintaining your healthy status. People who like rice should go for the brown or red one to avail themselves with more fiber and less sugar. If you think your body cannot do without fats, our advice is for you to go and get the healthier ones which can be found in fish. The fat content in fish is very healthy and recommended for you. Mixed fruits and nuts can replace your craving for sugar without destroying your health

Appetizing soup

For those of us who doesn’t like eating heavy food, soups are the best option for you and it is on top of the list for healthy recipes you should take during this celebration time. Soups are very common because of its capability to satisfy your taste bugs and at the same time make you feel full and not crave for any more food. One of the advantages of preparing soup is that you can come up with numerous flavors. With the addition of preservatives and artificial flavorings, you are on your way to total bliss of taking yummy soup

What about Salads?

Hey, this is time for celebration, and personally, I love salads because it puts me in the mood. I will suggest that you try it out assuming you are not the salad ‘liking person.’ A unique advantage of salad is that it helps to overhaul your diet and detoxify your body system. You need to make the salad be unique by adding the following:

  • Lean Meats
  • Fruits
  • and Vegetables

For you to make it a lot healthier, don’t add too much cream as it can also be loaded with empty calories. Add it up with a simple mix of spice, soy, and a small sprinkle of cheese.


Our recommended Easter recipe that will put you in the mood:

Easter Chicken Vegetable Soup

This is a perfect recipe that will give you maximum satisfaction during this Easter holidays.


  • Fleshy Portion of chicken
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Galic


Bring the fleshy portion of chicken and slice into small pieces also watch and slice up the carrots. Use your blender or juicer to mix the ginger onion and garlic. Pour all together with the chicken and parboil (If the chicken has not been boiled before) Simmer and enjoy.

Even if you are running on a budget, it is good to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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