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You need to get the most out of your juicing experience especially when you want to make a juice recipe under a defined budget. Most times, it is the cost of fruits that scares people away from making juice recipes, even after getting recommendations from their medical practitioner.  After reading this article, you will start preparing juice recipes that are very affordable, tasty and nutritious.

Another factor that makes people run away from preparing juice recipes is the time it might take to finish it up. But we should understand that the nutritional advantage you will derive from the consumption of juice recipes cannot be quantified with what you get by taking supplements. Though some juice recipes can take some time to prepare, others can just be prepared within 10mins. We will be updating you on the fastest juice recipes to make on this blog in our subsequent posts.


Green veggies have been recommended as the richest in nutrient content. If a professional medical practitioner advises you or you want your body to get enriched with nutrients, it is advised that you go for green veggies.  Though some veggie consumers experience stomach upsets at the beginning, the upset will reduce or even stop once you continue to drink them. Taste is another factor when it comes to green veggies, but you can mix it with some tasty fruits like the banana to make it taste better.


Experts have advised people always to go for organic fruits and veggies. They say it is healthier because preservative chemicals do not contaminate them. To get the best out of the recipe, it is suggested that users should thoroughly wash the fruits and veggies to remove all contaminants. The good news is that organic veggies are available and affordable. So getting them for your juice recipes is no longer hard as it used to be. Organic veggies also reduce the occurrence of stomach upsets and other complications.

Just note that the juice recipe you are preparing must have to be fresh for consumption. We kick against the storage or preservation of juice recipes. People should desist from this act because consuming the recipe later will reduce the effectiveness of the nutrients


To make a tasty recipe, some people remove a lot of skin from the fruit, thereby minimizing the quantity of the fruit to be used. This act should not be continued if you want to maximize the available fruits you have for your recipe. It has been observed that there are a lot of nutrients on the skin of most fruits. That is why it is not economical and health wise to remove the skin entirely. To get more from your fruit, you need to pull carefully away the skin, and then wash it twice.

Applying all the above-mentioned strategies will enable you to get quantity as well as quality from your juice recipes. It will also save time and make you save more money.

We have so many recipes in this blog, I will advise you to go through most of the articles and get yourself acquainted with them.  You will find unique juice recipes that will be of high benefit to you and your health.

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