Lime & Lemon tea Juice

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 Juicing Lime &Lemon tea
Lime &Lemon

  Juicing Lime & Lemon tea

Amongst the varieties of fruits and their juices, this two ( Lime & Lemon) are undeniably one of the most important ones and are not rarely found especially for those of us that live in warm climate areas .

These two contains very high medicinal properties as well as vitamins which are natural occurring and in abundance. Lime ( Citrus Aurantifolia ) and Lemon grass ( Cyinbopogon Citrus ) as they are known botanically, we will be using lemon grass instead of the actual lemon in this context because its a bit milder, sweeter and far less sour in taste compared to the actual lemon.

Ass its known, these two contain some similar contents and also have their differences , but when combined in proper mixture and proportions, it is a very effective medicinal drink. Amongst the many things that lime ( juice ) can be used for, we will be discussing how to use lime juice in combination with lemon grass to cure fever. First , listing out some of the basic contents of lime that makes it more medicinal than most other fruits, these may include

Calcium , Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, Thaimine (B1) and Phosphorus.

The process of making the juice is simple and very easy.

1. First get some lemon grass, ( advisably fresh) maybe cut from garden.

2. Wash them first and then boil for a few minutes.

3. Get the lime [ ones with a lot of juice, ] Cut 6-8 of it and squeeze out the lime Juice into a jug.

4. After boiling the lemon grass , drain the water from the kettle, remove the grass and allow the content to cool for a while.

5. Pour your lime juice into the cooled content and cover for some seconds (maybe 20-30 secs). The lime lemon shake is ready . This preparation takes less than 20 minutes in all but the outcome is very convincing.

You could take a glass in the morning and one at night ( twice daily).When you are drinking this with fever it is advisable to warm before taking, do not allow it to be completely cold before you drink, and do not make it in a very large quantity. One mixture is supposed to last two days at maximum, then you make another. This is very effective for fever.

Its also advisable that you can take this mixture even without wanting to cure fever, it will help maintain a sound health status and also help with headaches, tooth aches, backaches, and muscles pains.

Lime like any other citrus has large deposit of anti-inflammatory properties which will also help out with any inflammatory problems. Other contents of lime include

  • ~ Omega -3- fatty acid.
  •  ~Omega -6- fatty acid.
  •  ~ Poly phenols & Terpenes
  • .~ Choline

Lime contains very low saturated fat & cholesterol, it can help in skin development and tackling skin diseases, its vitamin C content is very sufficient for tackling the deficiency disease of the vitamin ( scurvy) it is recommended for people working in machinery space , on-board ships and in a large industries .

It also contains dietary fiber which could help in reducing belly fat and accelerate the secretion of digestive juices such as gastric juice and bile from the liver. The importance of this great juice cannot be over emphasized.

A lot of information about Lime & Lemon Hot Tea… imagine this drink with ice during a hot summer day  you feel that no words can discribe the feeling of cold wind going trough your hair!

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