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It is a reality that age decreases our sexual drive and general sex performance. The experience cuts across races and colored people. Therefore, we all are involved. Since it can be described as a universal problem, we also have a comprehensive solution to it which is fruits and juice recipes. Though there are other solutions proffered by some people like the usage of pills to improve sex drive, it is not recommended.

There are so many disadvantages of using pills for sexual performance. They have been found to cause high blood pressure, which is very detrimental to health. They can equally cause gastrointestinal problems and even memory loss. Consequently, you are advised to apply the natural remedies in other to solve your sexual related problems. Sex is very essential in building our marriage relationships and even keeping the family together. It has also been found that apart from financial problems that cause the breakup of marriages in the U.S, the second cause is a lack of sexual drive or sexual satisfaction.

We will give you suggestions of the fruits to be used, after which, you will be getting the juice recipe that is approved.

The five recommended fruits to be used in preparing the juice recipes are;


This fruit contains a reasonable amount of antioxidants which has been found to help in system cleansing. The antioxidant nutrients in the fruit help increase your blood flow making it possible for males to achieve sexual satisfaction.


This is yet another fruit which functions efficiently in helping men when it comes to sex. The fruit also contains antioxidants and almost works like the blueberries. It increases blood flow to every part of the body and the sexual organs. They also help in disease prevention by the production of nutritional enzymes called Riboflavin.


It has been discovered that bananas help in solving some erectile mal-functional tendencies in men. They are rich in potassium, which helps the body in reducing the amount of sodium. Whenever you want to combined fruits to make any juice for sexual improvement purposes, bananas should be included.


This fruit helps to increase blood flow. The flow of blood is the most important factor when it comes to sex drive in men. This makes any fruit that can increase the flow of blood very important. Watermelon is rich in amino acid citrulline, converted in the body by some enzymes to nitric oxides.


This is one of the most potent antioxidants. It helps men when with sex or sexual problems. It cleanses the blood and helps in correcting the Mal-functionality of some organs.

We have mentioned the five fruits that can help men to increase their libido and have an exciting sexual drive.


Let us show you the best juice recipe that can be prepared by using the above-suggested fruits. Remember, when it comes to recipes, your ability to be creative is also important.


This juice recipe is very important when it comes to improvement of sexual drive in men. If you understand the analysis of their components above, you will know why it is our most recommended.


Pill out the back of your banana and use your blender to liquefy it, bearing in mind that bananas can block your juicer. You can remove the seed of the watermelon, or you add it up. But you also need to blend it separately depending on the juicer you are using.

Then combine the two and use your juicer to mix. It is wonderful when it comes to taste and functionalities.

Just stay tuned to this blog because we will be bringing the follow up to this article.


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