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Health juices have amazing healing powers, and they offer a lot of health benefits. Having the knowledge of the advantages of juice recipes will make you reduce frequent visit to the hospital as well as reduce the intake of drugs. Knowing that the excessive consumption of drugs is not good for our health, we should urgently find alternatives. We may have defined medications for some ailments like malaria, cold, and flu. But when it comes to management of stress, there is no defined medication for it. You need to try so many medications as recommended by your physician before you can discover the particular medication or management practice that will be beneficial to you.

The detoxification effect of juice recipes is one of the reasons why it should be indispensable in our daily menu. They help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and some cardiovascular diseases.

The rejuvenation effects of juice recipes in our health are the reasons why they are highly recommended in the management and reduction of stress. Stressful conditions have been found to cause so many health issues to people who cannot manage them. Stress can equally cause digestive discomfort, constipation and diarrhea because the entire system of the individual will be disorganized.


This is very significant because it is the most important thing to understand since we are always exposed to stressful situations. There are so many ways in which somebody can manage stress. It can be done by using herbal remedies, stress medications that are available. We also have stress management strategies which do not involve the intake of any medication. Using juice recipes in managing stress is another practice that is recommended because it nourishes your body as well as helps in the reduction of stress.

Some people choose to smoke or take alcohol with the flimsy excuse that it helps them to temporary manage stress. That practice is very dangerous and should be stopped immediately. Smoking increases your risk of getting more complicated illnesses like lung cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.


You may be wondering why so much buzz about juice recipe. We are giving you the knowledge about juice recipes because of its digestive and rich nutrients advantages. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for solid foods and fruits to get digested. It also delays the nutrient absorption in our body. Therefore, our body most times might not get what it needs at the right time. Once you take a juice recipe, the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and immediately nourish the body. Drinking juice recipes also help you to get all the nutrients in the fruit since the flesh of the fruit is included.


This juice recipe is unique because of its effective way of stress management. We call it


We identified fruits that have nutrients which help in the production of serotonin. This compound helps in mood regulation and for the relief of stress.

The fruits to be used are;

Avocado which contains Vitamin B6

Oranges which contains folate and other vitamins

And carrots

You are directed to use them thoroughly and use grown organic fruits. Remove the stems of the carrot which has been found to be toxic.

Prepare the juice recipe, take it immediately or refrigerate to take it within the next 2 hours

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