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Last week we educated you on the JUICE RECIPES THAT CAN IMPROVE YOUR SEX DRIVE concentrating on male sex drive. That article is a must read if you are a man. Assuming you are a new visitor to our blog, I will advise you to recommend that article to your husband or lover for Valentine.

Because of the importance of this topic, we have made it very comprehensive to address the problem of sex drive in both male and female. We will be focusing on those juice recipes that enhance the sex drive of women. Some people may think that the female sex drive does not need to be boosted because most times, and it is always the male folks that approach for relationship or sex. But one significant difference between male and females is the menopause. This is a period when the sex drive of a woman reduces drastically. They no longer have the urge for sex. If the partner does not adequately understand this situation, it may lead to marriage breakup. But there are juice remedies that can increase the sexual drive of a woman which we will tell you after introducing the fruits that can be used for the recipes.


It’s been found that carrots are one of the vegetables that help women to achieve sexual satisfaction. Carrots are highly nutritious and valued as one of the best fruits required for adequate health. It contains vitamin A, potassium and antioxidants. The abundance of vitamin in carrot gives it the ability to increase tissue sensation in a woman’s body. This makes women develop urge to make love and also helps them to enjoy the love making. Carrots can also be used for weight loss purposes.


This is a very complex and unknown plant. It can be used for different purposes, depending on what you want to achieve and your health situation. Processing celery can be very stressful because you need to dry the fruit and seeds before squeezing them to become oil. Therefore, it is advised that you purchase already processed celery and use it to prepare one of our recommended juice recipes which may help in increasing sexual drive and satisfaction in women. A physician should prescribe the celery usage. Because it’s been found that some people have resistance for it.


This is one of the recommended fruits that have so many health benefits. It has been found that Avocados do not contain any cholesterol or Sodium; it is even low in saturated fat. It is one of the fruits that do not have any adverse effect whatsoever. One of the most important sorts of nutrients that are in abundant in Avocados is potassium. Most of us are neglecting this nutrient that has so many advantages to the body. Potassium helps maintain electrical gradients in the body’s cells.

It has been found through several studies that having a high potassium intake helps in the reduction of high blood pressure and also stimulates some sexual organs. Because of this stimulation, it helps women a lot in achieving sexual satisfaction


It helps in activating sensation by enlarging the blood vessels in the body. This also helps in blood flow. This helps in relaxation and in increasing female libido.


For both men and women, bananas are a unique fruit that has been found to enhance sexual drive. It has a high percentage of enzymes that helps to the body’s digestive health. Dark green veggies, when added to any juice recipe, are a very functional additive that helps in the female sex drive.

Other fruits that have also been found to be helpful are; Ginseng, eggs and figs.

Our recommended juice recipe whose combination has been proven to be very effective is called the


This juice recipe is a combination of Avocado, carrots and bananas. The effectiveness of this formula cannot just be described. So many women have been testifying to the efficacy of this juice recipe, so you need to give it a trial.

Process them separately, use your juicer to mix. You can use ice blocks or refrigerate for your maximum satisfaction.


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