Benefits of Cucumber Juice Recipes

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Cucumber Juice the best thing you ever had!


You can identify cucumber from its physical appearance. Cucumber juice is coming from the melon family like squash, zucchini, and watermelon. It has a cylindrical shape with approximately 20-30 centimetres in length. The outer surface is relatively the same with watermelon and also the same thing with the inside part. It is a juicy fruit, so it is appropriate to be a juice drink when used as a healthy juice recipe like cucumber juice.

Cucumber juice is beneficial in curing some diseases that feared out by many people.
But for some people, it is just known as pickles for food ingredients. Indonesia has a special drink that is formed from cucumber. The special healthy juice drink called “es timun” is the beverage that is well-known for reducing fat. It is simply made of fresh inside part of cucumber and sugar syrup with ice. The ingredients should be properly mixed for drinking. Some people believe that the drink can cure high blood pressure and headache. In fact, cucumber impressively has about 96% of water amount and which is distilled naturally. It makes cucumber as good as vegetables that have plenty of water. Besides, healthy cucumber juice contains several minerals, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, antioxidants, potassium, sulfur, molybdenum, calcium, sodium, chlorine, and vitamin B complex.
Cucumber juice would be lovely combined with other ingredients such as carrot or even orange juices. Here are some of the benefits of healthy cucumber juice:

1. Acidity

Healthy cucumber juice will effectively help in blood pH regulation, and also neutralize acidity.

2. Protection of the Brain

Cucumbers juice contains fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonol that plays a crucial role in brain health. It also protects your nerve cells and helps in improving your memory. In mice with Alzheimer’s disease, fisetin prevents learning and progressive memory impairment.

3. Supports healthy heart

Cucumbers juice contains potassium, which reduces the blood pressure levels. A normal level of potassium inside and outside the cells is crucial for the proper functioning of the body.
Potassium is a positively charged ion that should be at a certain concentration of about 30 times more inside the cells than outside the cells. This enables it to carry out its function of interacting with sodium in the control of nerve impulse transmission, heart function, and muscle contraction.

4. Blood pressure

Cucumber juice can regulate your blood pressure. It is because of the amount of sodium and mineral it contains just like the celery.

5. Build connective tissues

Cucumber juice contains silica that construct tissue connection inside the body like muscle, bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

6. Support the Digestive Health

Cucumbers are very rich in two of the most important elements needed for healthy digestion. These elements are water and fiber. You can meet the amount of fiber that your body needs by adding cucumbers to your juice or salad. This is about 50 grams per 1,000 calories. Those who have acid reflux know that when they drink water, it suppresses the acute symptoms of acid reflux by increasing stomach PH. Cucumber healthy juice also has a similar effect due to its significant water content.

7. Freshen Your Breath

Allowing healthy cucumber juice to remain in your mouth for some time before swallowing may help to rid of your mouth odor caused by bacteria.

8. Cooling

It keeps the body temperature stable.
When you get a fever, it will be suitable for you to drink cucumber juice.

9. Hair growth

Sulphur and silicon inside the cucumber juice can help your hair to grow. It will be a more fantastic result if you can drink cucumber juice that is mixed with spinach, lettuce or carrot.

10. Skin conditions

Cucumber juice contains antioxidant and vitamin C that are the most popular ingredients for beauty skin creams than can be used for acne treatment, eczema, psoriasis, and much more.
If you decide to purchase cucumber for making healthy juice, choose the dark green color, and avoid the yellowish or wrinkles at the surface. To keep its freshness, store cucumbers and cucumber juice in the fridge.


Hope you liked our Cucumber stay tuned for more Health benefits here on juice up now !!

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